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    Refipa  S.A.S.

    We are a company that brings taylored supply solutions; we provide our clients with resins, fibers and other products for the textile, plastics and chemicals industries all over Latin America.
    With committed work we build strong links and long term relationships with our customers and suppliers; we develop our business honestly, delivering high quality and competitive products in a timely line.

    Team work

    Generating synergies in a harmonious working.


    For others, their ideas, their work and their time.


    In compliance with the agreed.

    Positive Attitute

    With optimism and joy to life.


    Monitoring best practices in the world.

    Nature Care

    Helping to preserve the planet.

    Refipa S.A.S. - Calle  29 No. 41 - 105 Int. 1206, Medellín, Colombia - Teléfonos: +57 (4) 390 4922 / +57 (310) 390 5815 - Todos los derechos reservados

    Our Core Values