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    PET Chips



    We supply resins of polyester, nylon and polypropylene, used as feedstock in the synthetic fiber industry, engineering plastics and other uses. We also provide recycled plastics suitable for different uses.


    We have a wide range of polyester staple fiber and viscose staple fiber for use in spinning, non-woven fabrics and filling of pillows, cushions and toys.


    We offer textile filaments POY, FDY and DTY of polyester and nylon for use in textiles and other industrial applications. Also supply polyester industrial yarns for technical applications in high-tenacity fabrics.

    Refipa S.A.S. - Calle 29 No. 41 - 105 Int. 1206, Medellín, Colombia - Teléfonos: +57 (4) 390 4922 / +57 (310) 390 5815 - Todos los derechos reservados